batmaninc is selling some rare comics. One comic in particular caught my eye. Batman 234 from 1971, is the first appearance of Silver Age Two Face. This is a must own for Batmanfans everywhere. The book is in really good shape and has been graded CGC 9.0.

Frank Millers DareDevil is probably the best incarnation of the character. patbateman43 happens to be selling a vintage issue of DareDevil 184 from Marvel Comics. This copy is unread and in mint condition.

kimono-my-house is selling a vintage Go Nagi Devilman shirt from the early 90’s. This shirt is in amazing shape considering the age. A must own for Devilman fans.

lulaspaw is selling a rare John Romita art book from IDW. ” This is the first edition release of IDW’s John Romita Amazing Spider-Man Artist’s Edition book. Contains full size reproductions of original art (12×17) from various issues from Romita’s run on the series.”

cory420 is selling a limited edition Wolverine bust from Dynamic Forces. This highly detailed bust was released in 2004 and is limited to 750 pieces. The one that is pictured here is numbered 368. Frank Miller’s Wolverine limited series is one of the best Marvel has ever put out.

kayfabe61 is selling an awesome vintage Punisher shirt from the early 90’s. These were the really comic shirts back in the day. Before Stussy and other brands starting printing shirts with Marvel characters.

843truegamer is selling a rare first issue of the new Ghostface Killah comic. The comic titled after the album Twelve Reasons to Die was released in a limited edition promo along with a cassette. The are apparently only 500 of these made.