In case your Gorilla Biscuits figure collection is missing a few, triplebrecords has you covered. He is currently selling a Super 7 Gorilla Biscuits figure from 2008. This is second version of the iconic GB mascot that Super 7 released. The figure is packaged in a clear bag with a header card.

crazytoys561 is taking pre-orders on the 30th anniversary of Jim Phillips’ Screaming Hand vinyl figure. The figure is due out in September 2015 and stands 10 inches. That’s a whole lot of hand. Don’t miss out.

brickdudes is selling a complete of Simpsons series 2 figures from Lego. Each figure comes in a blind bag with accessories.

xcactusdavex is selling a rare clear version of the Super 7 Gorilla Biscuits figure. This CLEAR VINYL version was made for the JAPAN/AUSTRALIA TOUR in December 2008.

i_want_2_rvca_u is selling a rare Secret Base Astro Zombies Pushead 5″ figure with original bag and header card.

faultxfracture is selling a new Kidrobot Homer Simpson “Buddha” figure. This silver variant is 100% vinyl and stands 7″ tall. Commemorate the 25th anniversary of Homer Simpson with this silver Buddha.

maybang is selling a limited edition Medicom Mazinger Z 100% Bearbrick 41st Annivesary Metal Plating Exclusive figure. This is a must own for all Mazinger Z fans.