kidwhamo Is selling a vintage Per Welinder skate deck complete with Gull Wing Super Pro III trucks with risers. Powell & Peralta Rat Bones wheels.Powell & Peralta Rib Bones, Nose Bone, and Tail Bone.

gatorgrip has a great two for one deal with this auction. Up for sale are two vintage skateboards straight from the 80’s. Both designs iconic in their own respect. Bid hard.

bigpicr1 is selling a “vintage original Frankie Hill Clint Eastwood skateboard this is not a reissue natural stain complete with Gullwing pro 3 trucks and Powell Peralta wheels.”

ramp_local5 is selling an original Powell Peralta Frankie Hill “Bull Dog/Exreme Valor” Model from 1990. The deck is used but never ridden and is extremely great shape. Don’t sleep on this, bid hard.

troger667 is selling a vintage Lance Mountain “Future Primitive” deck from Powell Peralta. This complete is in decent shape and comes with Tracker Trucks and Slime Ball wheels.

hooterzurg is selling a vintage Metallica skate deck from Zorlac Skateboards. The deck features the iconic artwork of Pushead, and comes complete with Hosoi Rocket Rails, Independent Trucks and Powell & Peralta Crossbones wheels. Perfect for wall hanging.

peteyandmax is selling a vintage Powell Peralta Tony hawk Claw deck. The deck is in great shape and comes complete with purple Gullwings and OJ II Street Razor wheels.