Hey guys I’m posting this for my friend Dan Elswick who is currently filming a documentary on Bane. Please help support this project. Thank you ” All great things must come to an end. But that reality is easier to deal with when you have some of those amazing times documented. My passion project […]


Now that the madness from the weekend has ended you can cop these Jordan’s from vipexclusives. They have stock of different sizes available. At least you won’t have to leave the house and worry about losing your arm trying to get a pair.


mikekazan is selling a vintage Rob Roskopp deck from Santa Cruz Skateboards. This deck is still in pretty good shape with most of the graphic intact.


In case your Gorilla Biscuits figure collection is missing a few, triplebrecords has you covered. He is currently selling a Super 7 Gorilla Biscuits figure from 2008. This is second version of the iconic GB mascot that Super 7 released. The figure is packaged in a clear bag with a header card.


lgracey2012 is selling a vintage Madrid Skate deck complete with trucks and wheels. The deck is in pretty good shape and should look nice on a wall.


crazytoys561 is taking pre-orders on the 30th anniversary of Jim Phillips’ Screaming Hand vinyl figure. The figure is due out in September 2015 and stands 10 inches. That’s a whole lot of hand. Don’t miss out.


brickdudes is selling a complete of Simpsons series 2 figures from Lego. Each figure comes in a blind bag with accessories.