fightingshoes has a really cool older Weezer shirt for sale. The shirt has some signs of wear but it still looks great. You gotta love a skateboarding horse.


goldenwaste has an awesome hot pink Mike McGill deck for sale. This vintage complete comes with 95A Slime Ball wheels. The board is in really good shape and is perfect for wall hanging.


threeskatemafia is selling a pair of vintage Eric Koston 2 shoes from eS Footwear. These classic skate shoes have never been skated and come with an extra pair of laces, but sadly no box. A must own for skateboard collectors.


frankrizzo789 is selling a vintage Helmet shirt from the Meantime era. This shirt is in great shape.


effigy1 is selling an vintage Jason Lee deck from Blind Skateboards. Check out his description. “Original Blind Jason Lee Skateboard deck, David Bowie Aladdin Sane Tribute from 1992. This is not a reissue but the original, OG deal! Apparently a lot of these decks were destroyed due to copyright issues. This was never gripped, drilled […]


christianrico666 is selling a Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden California 2014 Tour Poster by Jermaine Rogers 20×30 Signed and Numbered out of 750.


diablodickey is selling a vintage G&S Billy Ruff skateboard. The deck comes with all original parts, Independent 159 rear and 169 front with OJ 2 – 97a – 60mm wheels.