Mouthpiece Test Press

From seller xcactusdavex: Released on New Age Records in 1991. 10 test presses, black vinyl with white labels written on. Xeroxed self made cover by the band


xcactusdavex is selling a rare clear version of the Super 7 Gorilla Biscuits figure. This CLEAR VINYL version was made for the JAPAN/AUSTRALIA TOUR in December 2008.


Seller: skateshoecollector Brand new in box with extra laces and vans tag. You will never find another pair of these in this size.


From seller: acforjc – The album that forever changed rock, Nirvana’s classic ‘Nevermind’. Unofficial press on pink vinyl. New and unplayed, but did not come sealed.


Seller ih8wrekirdz has up a JAWBREAKER lot that includes the following: 1. UNFUN LP Original 1990 Shredder Records First pressing. On the front cover, “Jawbreaker” is written in green and “Unfun” is written in orange. The cover is printed on rough paper material. Includes lyrics sheet. 2. Chesterfield King EP 12″ Original 1992 Tupelo / […]


dozercat is selling a rare Mark Bode signed Cheech Wizard skate deck. This deck is in mint condition.


i_want_2_rvca_u is selling a rare Secret Base Astro Zombies Pushead 5″ figure with original bag and header card.