Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, released his first solo album Rock N’ Roll Gangster in 2002 on Epic Records. This was his venture into Gangsta Rap and G-Funk. The album was recorded at Indigo Ranch in Malibu where Korn had recorded their albums. Rock N’ Roll Gangster features appearances from Hip Hop artists RBX, Angela Rascoe, Helluva, Polarbear, Son Doobie and Tre Hardson and Korn front man Jonathan Davis.

The after party for Predator 2 was out of this world. Director Stephen Hopkins captured the fun when the cast of Predators had a dance off led by Locker, Lionel Douglass A.K.A. Big D. The original member of the Don Campbellock dance group “The Famouse Locker Dancers” was teaching the other Predators the choreography. Later on in the video they are joined by (Lt. Harrigan) Danny Glover. Lionel Douglass also worked on Sesame Street for a number of years as Big Bird.

Hardcore and NuMetal can co-exist peacefully. After all both scenes repped baggy jeans and windbreakers hard. I write this while listening to the new vein.fm album “This World Is Going To Ruin You”. In the background on a 50″ Sharp Roku TV is Dantes Inferno (2010), the anime. I will spare you the diatribe that I usually reserve for my wife and close friends, where I love to hear myself talk. vein.fm has put out a solid record that represents the late 90’s and early 2000’s Hardcore and NuMetal scene.

Hook-Ups Skateboards got into the skate shoe market in the early 90’s with two shoe models. The first was Red Eyes and the second was Devilman 13. I bought these shoes in 1997 from the CCS catalog. The shoes came beautifully packaged in a box designed to look like an Anime toy.